Hi, come on in!

Welcome to my blog, Keeping His Word, which I started out of my frantic emotions and sheer happiness about getting my first home.

I firmly believe that it is everyone’s dream to have a real estate property of our own. To some, a house is a wise investment that takes away the burdens of renting a space. To most of us, it’s a haven that gives us the capability to shelter ourselves and loved ones from the outside world. Our homes are a world of our own. To me, it is both.

My blog seeks to share my stories – the triumphs and struggles I’ve gone through, the knowledge and facts I have to learn, and the people and friends who have been part of my home buying journey.

I would also like to inspire others who are dreaming of getting one for themselves. Having your livable personal space is already an achievement. Having one with the minimum debts and risks possible is another.

You’ll also occasionally read about how I got my home warranty to protect myself from either unnecessary or unforeseen expenses that come with home maintenance.

Please visit my blog anytime, especially when you’re thinking about buying or getting a new home.