Keeping His Word is an avenue for people thinking, dreaming, and working on buying a new home, which also equates to hundreds of visitors each month needing products and services related to purchasing a real estate property.

The real estate industry offers a platform for a variety of goods and services, which makes Keeping His Word a premiere site to launch promotions and ads.


Our Viewer Demographics

Our blog does not only cater to the first-time buyers; it speaks to everyone interested in real estate – from the end users to agents to contractors and much more.

We have thousands of unique visitors each month, with tens to hundreds of newsletter sign ups daily. Our blogs are also shared and highlighted on different social media, which increases its traffic.


How ‘Keeping His Word’ Spreads The Word

To maintain and perpetuate this blog is our primary goal while keeping our audience well informed when it comes to their buying decisions is next. In lieu to this, we invite different marketers to advertise with us, and here are our ways.


* Banners

We have ad spaces available to your business. Name the size; we’ll name the price. We can accommodate your needs for what you believe is a suitable ad space to promote your brand. We typically have the standard sizes, but we can almost always cater to your preferred dimensions. We also do not rotate your ads with other marketers. Hence there’s no impression-sharing.

* Reviews

If you prefer featuring your products and services to our blog, it’s possible, too. We can give your flagship items an honest and enticing report that will be available as long as the Internet allows.

* Newsletters

We can also include your brand on our newsletters, which we ensure to be inviting and worth-reading. You’ll get your ads in your prospects’ inbox, allowing more personalized exposure to your target market.


If you’re interested, just shoot us an email. We’ll be glad to work with you.