How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Favorite Household Appliances

Routine preventive maintenance does a lot in keeping your home functioning with an increased life expectancy of appliances. Here are a few tips to keep your valued electronics in quality working condition.

1. Freezer and Refrigerator Care


Notice that 1/2 inch of ice has already formed on its inside walls. Your fridge should be kept clean inside and out from spills and stains, so food odor is at a minimum. Doors should be sealed tight when closed and wipe the rubber gasket from dust and dirt. Coils should be cleaned with a condenser coil brush.

2. Dryer and Washing Machine


Don’t overload your washing machine with heavy jeans and blankets. Distribute them out into 2 – 3 sets of washing to avoid stressing the motor. Clothes’ weight should be leveled and spread equally when being loaded into the compartment or tub. Inspect the hoses from leaks and signs of wear and cracks. Clean out fabric conditioner dispenser every wash to avoid mucky build ups. Clean both the inside and outside of your machine from residue, dust, and detergent stains. Remove the plug from the electric socket when not in use. Keep your dryer cleared up built-up lint as that is a serious fire hazard.

3. Heater and Air Conditions


Fan cages or filters should be cleaned once or twice every 2 – 3 months. With the fan removed and cleaned separately, blast the cages from the inside with a garden hose to spray out dust and debris. Inspect the fins and straighten any bends with a kitchen knife carefully. Coils should be sprayed with a foaming no-rinse coil cleaner that can be found in local stores. It should rinse itself off in a few minutes. 50/50 bleach-water solution is helpful in keeping your drain lines clean and free from mold.

Heater cores should be removed and cleaned with soap water. Dry the base completely before putting back in place.

These are just some of the major appliances any homeowner can perform preventive maintenance.  It is also recommend to keep a well written chart of the dates and household items that has been cared for for future reference. These simple tricks will ultimately extend the life of your expensive appliances and save you from avoidable damages, repairs, and replacement.